What is Disability Reframed?

Disability Reframed is a collaborative online learning community built out of a need for societal reeducation on disability. Disability Reframed combines self-learning with open dialogue and conversation to create a space where decades old attitudes towards disability, disabled lives, and disabled people are dismantled, examined, and then thoughtfully rebuilt.

Who is Disability Reframed for?

Disability Reframed is for anyone who is either disabled, or disability adjacent. We define disability adjacent as anyone who works with or is involved closely with disabled children and/or adults on a daily basis. Disability adjacent individuals include but are not limited to: allied health professionals such as SLPs, DPTs, OTRs, COTAs, PTAs, directors and administrative staff of developmental day programs, public and private school districts and all their respective relevant faculty and staff, any professor working in academia and graduating students from a program that will directly serve the disabled population, and of course, parents, guardians, and caregivers of disabled people.